I Wish

I wish I didn’t have to say,

about the pain I suffer from the words you often say,

how tired I’ve been ‘trying’ to be the woman you want,

and the sadness that just happened because it turned out that I also had to give up my dream.

I wish I didn’t have to write,

about the journey of my life, about the feeling from highest high to the lowest low,

a love letter to get you when many girls also want you,

and my feelings while growing into a woman.

I wish I didn’t have to hear,

about how does it feel to be truly loved without expecting anything in return,

the story about me, that I brave enough to be honest with myself, to achive things that I desire

and advice and prophesy about what I will be like in the future.

Hopefully, the word “didn’t” can be deleted in my writing.

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